Crown Wallet

Store & Trade Crown Tokens

CRW tokens are stored and traded using a free wallet software. Once installed, your computer or mobile device stores and safeguards the CRW you own!


Creating Crown Wallet

CRW wallets can be downloaded for free using the links provided below. You have the option to store CRW on your desktop computer or mobile devices. Once installed on your device, your wallet can be used to send and receive CRW or monitor your transactions. If you are new to Crown, we advise you to look through our tutorial videos when installing your wallet software. Still not sure which type of Crown wallet you should use? Then read on for more details on each.

Crown Mobile Wallets

Mobile Crown wallets are the perfect tools for using CRW on the go with your phone or tablet. They’re currently available through the App Store and Google Play. To ensure the security of your funds, do not use mobile Crown wallets to store all of your CRW tokens.


Crown Paper Wallets

Crown uses an open-source JavaScript generator to create paper Crown wallets. These wallets feature two-sided, tamper-proof designs for maximum account security. The key advantage to a paper Crown wallet is that it minimizes your exposure to hackers and any other untrustworthy parties who gain access to your computers or mobile devices. Paper Crown wallets can also be used to safely and conveniently gift CRW tokens to people without online Crown wallets.


Crown Community Faucet

Crown community faucet was built to allow new users to try out Crown for free. With the faucet you can request a tiny amount every 12 hours with the only requirement that you must already have a wallet address, we recommend Electrum for small amounts of CRW. Use your referral link to share with others to gain more rewards.

Crown Web Wallet is a simple online web wallet designed for small transactions and temporary storage. Very handy for on the go use but please use at your own risk.


Storing Crowns

Now that you have a Crown wallet, you can start storing bought, traded or mined CRW tokens. CRW purchased through a cryptocurrency exchange must be withdrawn to your Crown wallet to ensure secure storage. If you establish a Crown Systemnode or Masternode to start earning CRW through block rewards, your wallet will connect with your Crown server through a remote, automatically storing the CRW in your wallet that you earn for immediate use.

Security Measures

Encryption & Backup

To protect your CRW from theft, computer failure or system migration, it’s critical to backup your Crown wallet. Backups enable you to recover all the tokens in your wallet in the event of a hack or critical error. We also advise you to encrypt your wallet. When properly encrypted, your wallet will completely prevent hostile parties from accessing your CRW tokens.


Crown Wallet Encryption

You can encrypt your wallet by creating a passphrase. This effectively locks your wallet to prevent any of your tokens from being spent without your permission. This means that even if a hostile party gains access to your device, they won’t be able to spend your CRW without knowing your unique passphrase. This precautionary step is even more essential if you’re running a Crown wallet on a mobile device or a computer that isn’t 100% private.


Wallet Backups

Backing up your Crown wallet will ensure that you can access its stored tokens in the event of a critical device failure or a hack. We recommend saving backups of your Crown wallet on multiple external drives to guarantee a successful recovery. Check for more information and a step-by-step tutorial on how to encrypt, backup and recover your Crown wallet.

Trading Crowncoins

Trading Crown

CRW tokens can be traded against Bitcoin and several other altcoins through a cryptocurrency exchange. Bear in mind that different exchanges vary dramatically in terms of size and which coins they trade. Look for a list of some of the best current bitcoin exchanges. If you’re new to trading Crown, then we suggest starting with , which supports more than 190+ cryptocurrencies. Good luck—and be sure to reach out to us if you need help!