Building a Fairly Governed Economy

Crown supports a decentralized governance system to manage the network and implement changes. With this innovative approach, all community members with stake in the network can vote on which project proposals the platform will back.

Crown Governance

United in Purpose

Crown’s governance system has two core functions: choosing platform direction and funding. Unlike blockchain projects that rely on donations and pre-mined endowments, Crown uses 25% of each block reward to fund its own development. This allocation of funds allows us to reward miners and node operators for their contributions without compromising the platform’s coding and optimization efforts.

Crown’s governance system also enables its community to vote on which changes (ranging from projects to network updates) will be implemented onto the blockchain. Any platform user can submit a proposal to grow or change the network. From there, node owners vote on which proposals the platform should support. In short, Crown is a self-funded and self-governed democracy of users—united by our goal to refine and leverage blockchain technology!


The Crown Decentralized Governance Proposal (CDGP) system is the tool our community uses to share and vote on new projects and platform changes. Inspired by the Dash system, the CDGP empowers the Crown Community to drive its platform through user-created proposals.

Any community member can submit their proposal for a small fee (25 CRW), and every user who maintains a Masternode is eligible to vote on proposals. If at least 10% of the network agrees on a proposal (after subtracting the total number of ‘no’ votes), the project will be funded! Approved proposals are funded entirely by newly generated CRW from the Crown blockchain, removing the need for donations and ensuring that popular community projects receive the support they deserve.

Crown Development


Blockchain technology unlocks endless opportunities to improve the way we live and conduct business. Regrettably, many promising ideas leveraging this technology have faltered due to lack of funding and support—until now. Thanks to the CDGP, Crown users have the ability to share, fund and collaborate on blockchain projects through our platform and development budget. All you need to submit a proposal for the Crown platform is 25 CRW and a great idea. Your proposal can be virtually anything. New blockchain applications, network updates & improvements, marketing strategies, awesome projects—the possibilities are endless.

If enough Crown node operators vote favorably on your proposal, Crown will use its development budget to fund it. Pair this financial support with Crown’s diverse and talented community of users, and you can acquire all the resources your project needs to succeed. Successful Crown proposals clearly convey the project’s scope, requirements and specific deliverables, so be sure to address these points when writing your own!

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Crown Culture

Shaping the Future

By utilizing the CDGP to foster new blockchain projects, you have the opportunity to contribute to Crown’s expanding list of technological and social achievements. You’ll be adding your unique perspective and talents to our culture, expanding Crown’s capabilities and potential to improve daily life through the power of the blockchain. We’re thrilled to welcome new members to our community—especially people with innovative (or fun) ideas in tow. With your help, Crown is poised to do remarkable things. Let’s get started.