Developers: applications & services

Tron Nodes anchor the Crown Network. Tron Nodes are cloud compute instances, which are currently small – but can scale up as the network develops.

What should we do with this compute capacity? Part of it will be used for processing transactions, but there is so much more that can be done.

The application of cryptography to allow trustless transactions is being integrated more tightly into a variety of processes which combine steps where blockchain trustless technology is useful for a few steps but other steps don’t involve or need a blockchain. Much of the current blockchain hype is about moving things onto the blockchain or owning a business franchise and charging fees for people to get access to blockchain technology. These approaches seem incomplete.

Our vision for Crown is to be a leading and open platform for building hybrid applications and services. Crown’s goal is to be one of the leading open platforms for applications and services which integrate processes with the blockchain.

Importantly, we do not view Crown as the one platform to rule them all – this sort of vision of a world with “one blockchain to rule them all” is contrary to the spirit and intent of an open society and human freedom. In Tolkien’s telling of the story, the concentration of power in the “one ring” was catnip for true evil. The technologies which Crown develops will be open source and will be available to be copied by others.

The only sustainable advantage Crown will have over time will be its community, and the ability of that community to continuously improve and innovate.

The natural state of things is for some people to want to boss other people around, and the struggle for human freedom and agency is a Sisyphean task. But life is about the struggle, and nothing more.

If this perspective makes sense to you, the goal sounds interesting, and you know how to code, feel free to watch the project at github, and contact any of the team members to learn more.

What apps you can help us with

Crown mobile and web wallet

Highly secured mobile and web wallet. You can use our payment system on any device with an internet connection.

Crown decentralized exchange

We can give our community a secure and fast exchange that allows multiple financial currencies and instruments.

Crown escrow and storage service

Develop formal dispute resolution service, where an escrow transaction can be started by either party.


Crown tokens can represent company stocks. Launch an IPO on the Crowcoin blockchain for just a few cents.


Store and exchange dollars, euros or pounds anonymously across the world for the price of a standard Crown transaction.

Smart properties

Encode ownership of a house or a car on a Crown token. Store your house on the Crown blockchain.

Consumers, producers, merchants: uses

At this point the uses for CRW are limited, and the market for CRW is small. If we are successful in building the investor and developer community around CRW, the uses will grow.

The classic use of a token is for everyday commerce. CRW is intended to be an attractive medium for everyday commerce because it will offer security, rapid confirmation, high network capacity and low transaction costs. Consumers and merchants are invited to download the Android wallet and try it out. You will be surprised how easy it is.

As services are developed on the platform – this will provide a base level of use, as the token is used for technology services which operate at faster than human speed. We believe that the base level of use from persistent software services running on the network will provide liquidity for the token, and also help drive continuous improvement in the platform.