Crown Team

The Crown Platform is sustained by an ever growing team of developers, advisors, and community ambassadors. We are a global decentralized team that come from many walks of life. Each member of our team shares a passion for enhancing lives through the marvels of blockchain technology.

The People Behind the Platform

Who is Crown?

Crown isn’t just a team of cryptocurrency experts; it’s a thriving community of people who aspire to understand and leverage blockchain technology. Crown’s core team refines and maintains the platform based on the needs and goals of its community, providing a dynamic development space that members can use to share new ideas and bring them to life.

Core Team

Artem Brazhnikov

Lead Crown Developer

Artem leverages his 7+ years of industry experience in the development of desktop enterprise applications, networking applications, cryptography, and programming languages to spearhead the development of the Crown Platform. When he isn’t creating cutting-edge technologies for Crown, Artem enjoys playing guitar and traveling.

Ashot Khachatryan

C++ Developer

Ashot is a seasoned software engineer with deep experience in C++ Linux/Unix development. His extensive understanding of machine learning, algorithms and Linux driver development make Ashot a key contributor to the Crown development team. In his free time, Ashot enjoys reading, music and riding his bike.

Volodymyr Shamray

C++ Developer

    Volodymyr has years of experience with software development and cryptography. He specializes in C++ and domain-driven design. Volodymyr is a passionate learner and enjoys reading when he isn’t helping to develop the Crown Platform.

    Luke Bettles

    App Development

      Luke is a gifted app developer for the Crown Platform with a penchant for gadgets and football. When he isn’t contributing to Crown, Luke enjoys spending time with family, determinately adding to his coin collection and listening to music.


      Mobile App Developer

        Hypermist is a talented app developer for the Crown Platform. He’s also an avid tinkerer, food lover and 3D printing nerd. Above all else, Hypermist believes in doing his best—no matter how slim the odds are.

        Chris Kibble

        QA & Test Manager

          Chris manages the computer software testing process for Crown. He employs a range of test management software to ensure that the Crown Platform performs optimally. In his free time, Chris enjoys eSports, fondue and comedy.

          Joe Connors

          Head of Communications

            Joe is responsible for managing and directing all of Crown’s external and internal communications. He specializes in creating communication strategies and marketing initiatives that help to grow the Crown Platform. Joe is passionate about building Crown’s community through education, patience and persistence.

            Ivan Labra

            System Architecture Advisor

            Ivan is a seasoned system architecture advisor who specializes in distributed systems. He’s also an expert in product strategy. With a curious mind and unquenchable positivity, Ivan provides the counsel and support Crown needs to thrive.

            Inigo van Dijk

            Web Development

              Inigo is a skilled entrepreneur and Crown’s leading web developer. As a digital nomad, Inigo is passionate about discovering the full potential of blockchain technology. He’s also a big fan of windsurfing and believes in the adage that “less is more.”


              Community Ambassador - Western Europe

                Roderic works throughout Western Europe to spread the word about Crown to the general public. He’s a generalist with a constructive mindset and an ardent desire to learn. In his free time, Roderic loves to tinker with various gadgets and tech.

                Alex Hoogerbrugge

                Community Manager

                Alex is an expert in human-computer interaction who helps Crown grow by spreading awareness and understanding of the platform across Western Europe. He also creates comprehensive tutorials on how to use the Crown Platform. Alex is passionate about artificial intelligence and has an affinity for IPA beers.

                Jose Herranz

                Coordination and Communication

                Jose leads the Zendesk customer service support team for Crown. Jose has a background in media theory and tech-philosophy, making him highly knowledgeable with P2P and activist networks.


                Zendesk Support Team Co-Lead

                  Alexander is a FABLab veteran who co-leads the Zendesk support team for Crown. With a background in industrial business management, Alexander helps the Crown team develop smart, innovative software solutions that meet and exceed its customer support needs. In his free time, Alexander enjoys mountain biking and tinkering with various tech and gadgets.

                  Erik Jansen

                  DevOps Engineer

                  Erik bridges the gaps between development, testing and operations as Crown’s DevOps engineer. By focusing on continuous integration and delivery, he supports software code in dedicated cloud environments. Erik enjoys windsurfing and adamantly believes that there’s no fun in riskless pursuits.

                  Josh Wilcox

                  Product Manager

                    Olya Suhovirskaya

                    International Ambassador

                    Olya travels the globe to spread the word about Crown and find suitable partnerships. She's family oriented and loves to keep learning on a lot of subjects; the world of crypto being the latest added to that list.

                    Víctor Martín

                    Community Ambassador - Spain

                      Víctor is an import-export agent who supports Crown and its mission by working with the general public across Spain. He’s also highly skilled with logistics and enjoys travel. Víctor loves spending time with family and constantly strives to improve himself.

                      Alex Bohoslav

                      Community Ambassador - Ukraine

                        Alex works with the general public across Ukraine to raise awareness and support for the Crown Platform. He is a defender and a staunch advocate for Crown’s community, using positivity and innovation to expand our family.


                        Jan Brody

                        Strategy Advisor

                          Jan is a cryptocurrency and blockchain system expert who develops advanced strategies for the Crown Platform. He takes pride in supporting startups with strategic, transparent business initiatives. Jan never gives up and firmly believes in karma.

                          Dan Ames

                          Business Development

                          Dan is an experienced consultant on cryptocurrency and blockchain payment systems. He aids the Crown team in developing comprehensive strategies that guide our platform toward success. When he isn’t working on innovative system strategies, Dan enjoys mountaineering.

                          Fabian Olesen

                          System Architecture Advisor

                            Fabian has years of experience with providing system architecture counsel for cryptocurrency platforms. As an imagineer, he helps to devise and implement innovative concepts and technology that benefit the Crown Platform. Fabian is also a history buff, a passionate tinkerer and an eternal optimist.

                            Filip Major

                            Strategy Advisor

                            Filip harnesses his expertise with cryptocurrency platforms to provide detailed, forward-thinking strategies for Crown. As one of Crown’s dedicated visionaries, Filip is committed to leading the platform—and its community—to continuous success.

                            Crown History

                            Only by Learning Our History Can We See Our Future

                            The Crown Platform began as nothing more than a distant dream, rising from humble origins into one of the world’s most promising blockchain projects. And while it’s essential to keep our eyes locked on the future, we should never forget the paths we walked to reach the present. Explore this timeline to learn more about Crown’s development history.


                            Four bitcoin enthusiasts dreamed of launching a coin called Crowncoin


                            Crowncoin was fairly launched as a European project (not pre-mined and no ICO)


                            Several features—including BTC Mergemining, Namestamping and Timestamping—were implemented


                            The Codex of Behavior of the Knights of the Crowncoin was timestamped in the CRW Blockchain


                            Several Crypto legendaries join the dev team, Thrones Masternodes implemented


                            Crowncoin was renamed to Crown, project aims to be global as community grows fast


                            The Crown governance system was implemented to democratically fund the Development of the Crown token


                            Crown code updated to Bitcoin Core 0.10 and Dash Core 0.12, Crown atomic papers released


                            Crown Systemnodes successfully launched


                            Breakthrough community meeting in Amsterdam


                            The easiest node set-up was launched (


                            Brand new website was launched

                            Crown Papers

                            A Human View of the Blockchain

                            In this series of papers, Crown outlines its plans for a decentralized and incentivized application platform that will diverge from current blockchain technology in a revolutionary way. The final product will be an open, decentralized application platform that provides a cryptographically secure method to harness the many benefits of the next generation of blockchain.

                            Crown Paper 1.0 - Governance

                            In this paper, the Crown team provides a brief background on the platform, introduces its governance concepts, and outlines how the project will interact with both the technology and the community.

                            Crown Paper 1.1 - Identity

                            In this paper, Crown defines its concept of identity and explores the key driver behind the platform’s development and success.

                            Crown Paper 2.0 - Introduction & Features

                            In this paper, the Crown team introduces the core entities that will form the platform, and the design principles it will use alongside the development process.

                            Crown Paper 3.0 - Applications

                            In this paper, Crown’s team describes its vision of how applications will fit into the platform, and how the platform will allow those applications to operate as business entities.

                            Crown Paper 4.0 - Combinations & Permutations

                            In this paper, the Crown team explains what makes the project unique, detailing some of the proposed use models for its platform.

                            Crown Paper 5.0 - Symbols, Skyhooks & Survival

                            In this paper, the Crown team discusses the power and significance of symbols, revealing the meaning behind its namesake headdress.

                            Crown Paper 6.0 - Sharing & Open Teams

                            In this paper, Crown contextualizes the relationship between economic, social and technological change, delving into how these connections influence blockchain technology and Crown’s future goals.

                            Crown Paper 7.0 - A Personal Story

                            In this paper, one of Crown’s team members describes why he became involved with the platform.

                            Crown Paper 8.0 - Crown Atomic Features

                            In this paper, the Crown team discusses three development proposals for the community at large to consider and vote on.